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About Us

Our expertise gives your company a competitive edge! BreiTech – Specialist in Sage Software Development 

Introduction to BreiTech

Founded in 2018 by three Deloitte Directors, BreiTech Technologies was created to fill the gap left in the market after Deloitte Africa made the decision to dispose of its non-core business related to SAGE X3 ERP implementation and support in South Africa.  BreiTech Technologies acquired this business from Deloitte Africa as a going concern.
The SAGE implementation and support business within Deloitte was founded in 2010 and had been providing related information technology services to local and international clients that varied from the provision of CIO services, customised development services, etc.
BreiTech Technologies continue with these as well as other services including SAGE Upgrades, SAGE Support, SAGE Cloud Solutions, SAGE Software Development,Project Management, Managed Services, Business Intelligence (BI) and Payroll Outsourcing.
We have assembled an experienced team which blends the required technical skills required in meeting your specific needs. Our team benefits from having an international outlook, with the experience and the understanding of the dynamics of both developed and emerging markets.

We are all about building long lasting customer relationships, going on a journey with you to maximise your Return on Investment (ROI)

Why BreiTech

Our consulting approach involves strong client participation in a team environment.   We draw on our ability to bring on board a multidisciplinary team of trained and experienced consultants, focused in the fields of Sage Software Development and Project Management as it relates to the SAGE X3 ERP and SAGE 300 eco-systems.

Partnering to drive business impact

Gaining insights, achieving growth

Expertise and Experience

Contact us for your Sage Software Development and Project Management requirements.

Our Value Proposition

BreiTech, typically provide services to the private and public sectors

 that include ICT and system implementations.


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